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Take one visual artist and one ayurvedic yogi with a head for business and you have an amazing team behind Upcycled Glassware.

From a desire to be part of the solution for a healthier planet, Upcycled Glassware takes waste bottles that were destined for landfill and upcycles them into products which people would happily integrate into their homes, allowing the greater community to be a part of a “solution tribe”.  This not only helps the environmental issues but by bringing people together offers a healthier community space.

Interview with Contemporary Glass Art Publication, Objetos Con Vidrio and Tanya Reinli, Visual Artist

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Tanya Reinli glass artist | OBJETOS CON VIDRIO


On May 17, World Recycling Day is celebrated to educate the population about the importance of how to treat waste to protect the environment. We were lucky enough to be invited to share our story.

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Día Mundial del ReciclajeDía Mundial del Reciclaje OBJETOS CON VIDRIO