The Sprouter 🌱

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We 💚 sprouts!

Those little green shoots of goodness 🌱 are packed with nutrients that form little taste sensations on every dish.

“…sprouts are the result of seeds coming to life.” – Doug Evans @dougevans

Who wouldn’t want to add some extra “life” to your dish!?

The Upcycled Glassware Sprouter has reduced landfill by 1x bottle, looks fabulous on a benchtop and couple that with the fact that sprouts are nutritious and delicious 🌱 and we have a winning team.

Sprouting offers an economical way of adding homegrown, organic produce with high nutritional value to your table daily.

Good for the Earth

Your purchase reduces landfill by at least one bottle PLUS by receiving a custom designed upcycled box you have reduced excess cardboard waste.

Good for you and your family

A simply and economical way for you to include home-grown nutrition onto your plate daily.

Community Goodness

Every purchase & every bottle donated deepens your connection to being part of the solution!  Welcome to the Solution Tribe xx


Our Promise To You
Our Promise To You

The Upcycled Glassware Sprouter exemplifies our commitment to ethical and healthy living. A functional and beautiful addition to your home, the Sprouter is all about nourishment: it’s an object that not only looks attractive but allows you to grow your own nutritious sprouts from a range of seeds providing a quick, easy and delicious addition to many meals.

Upcycled Glassware aims, promises,  to find new value in the discarded, while celebrating the circular economy of recycling and upcycling. The industrial scale of production and consumption that defines our way of life in the 21st Century needs to be met with equally scaled, innovative approaches to recycling in order to address the problem of landfill. Using existing materials, responsible production methods and sustainable practices. Upcycled Glassware’s mission is to contribute to a growing movement toward sustainable living and mindful consumption.

Our Solution Tribe has been sprouting and here’s what they have to say

  • The Upcycled Glassware Sprouter is great!

    The Upcycled Glassware Sprouter is great!

    Not only does it look great in my kitchen but also it has given me the opportunity to discover a whole new world of healthy food.  I’m loving my sprouting kit and brought innovation to my everyday cooking.

    Patricia - The Dynamo Wonder
    Sydney, Australia
  • I love the idea of fresh healthy vitamins packed in a sprout!

    I love the idea of fresh healthy vitamins packed in a sprout!

    To be able to sprout these healthy seeds by myself and watch them grow in this lockdown situation has been very therapeutic! Best of all, these stylish Spouters are not only super easy for sprouting, but they are environmentally friendly too.

    Ying - Brown Thumb | Green Sprouts
    Northern Beaches - Sydney, Australia

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